St George's Church, Benenden


St George's Benenden is joined with St Nicholas' Sandhurst

as a Benefice led by the Rector, Revd David Commander


Funeral and Thanksgiving


Everyone is entitled to a service (funeral) at their local parish church regardless of whether they attended church or not. Revd David will be pleased to help you through this emotional time as you plan the funeral service of a loved one.

Help in planning the funeral

The minister, usually either our Rector, Revd David Commander, or our retired associate priest, Revd Rosemary Kobus van Wengen, will be very happy to help you plan the funeral service including making suggestions for readings and hymns, if that would be helpful.

Cremation funeral

Families who wish to have a cremation may decide to have the whole funeral at a crematorium. The service would take place in the chapel there and the coffin would remain there afterwards for the cremation.

The church minister can lead the whole service at the crematorium, or it’s possible to have part of the service at the church and part of it at the crematorium. The church service can take place before or after the cremation service; the minister can help you decide the best option for you and your family.  They can also be there for you after the funeral and can offer prayers when it is time to put the ashes in their final resting place. Ashes can be buried in the interment area of the churchyard.

Burial funeral

Usually there is a service in the church first, and then the minister, the coffin and the mourners move to the cemetery for the Burial.  The minister and Funeral Director will help you organise this.

Churchyard Regulations

There are Regulations and Guidelines set by the Diocese covering what is and is not allowed in a rural churchyard. Guidelines can be found here: Guide to Churchyard Regulations. The minister will advise you on these Guidelines when you meet.


Annual Memorial Service

Each year in early November, we hold a service for the Commemoration of All Souls; a service of remembrance and thanksgiving for those who have died, which you are welcome to attend. 

At this service, we read out the names of loved ones we are remembering and light candles.

If you would like us to remind you of the date and details of the next memorial service, do ask the Church Office, Revd David or Revd Rosemary to organise this. We do try to ensure that family members from recent funerals are invited. Everyone is welcome.

Please contact Revd David to discuss the arrangements of a funeral service for a loved one.

01580 240658



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